The Rudder

The eco-responsible French invention for ideal pedestrian orientation and understanding of a place. In all indoor and outdoor spaces.
"For the first time, a desired destination is always physically and
and mentally in front of you. The route becomes easy to memorize thanks to a representation and facilitating the perfect use of the place with its quality illustration quality illustration by cartography."
The Rudder
By viamouv
Eco-responsible, without any electrical connection, The Rudder revolutionizes pedestrian orientation and their situation awareness of their surroundings.

Very easy to deploy : indoors and outdoors. For the first time, a sought- destination is physically and visually always in front of the user. The itinerary then becomes easy to memorize thanks to an illustration and a personalized, rewarding and interchangeable cartographic representation. Are you eye focus on an energy-guzzling smartphone to guide you? The Rudder directs and allows you to fully appreciate and understand your surroundings! The users stay fully aware of their surroundings. By including The Rudder in the city’s strategies and policies in favor of walking, it successfully complements other solutions at the service of pedestrians and the viability of public and private spaces.
An intuitive usage
full of common sens
  1. I find my destination and its sector number
  2. I grab the dial and turn with the rudder
  3. I bring the sector number in front of me
  4. I place my destination under the red line and my destination is in front of me!
The rudder
The prototypes installed across France, in different situations, have already convinced thousands of users. With unanimous feedback: The Rudder is so obvious to use.
Copies are currently available to experiment with The Rudder. To try it is to adopt it!

unanimously approuved
All terrains,
All contexts

Cities of all sizes, train stations and urban transport, airports, theme parks, health and service hubs, natural, cultural or heritage sites, shopping centres, events and exhibitions, museums and many others... Wherever the orientation of pedestrians and visitors is a priority.

Carried along by the rudder, the cartography becomes not only unerringly orientating but also highly valuating of the place concerned. Thanks to the quality and format of the representation. A sensitivity that also guides viamouv's support in establishing an effective dialogue between the manager of a space and its user.

the heart of the system
A new design
for the benefit of the user

After the prototype version, discover the optimized and industrialized model.
Design, ergonomics, sturdiness, recycled materials, ultra simplicity for unlimited replacement of maps, ...
A version developed with Aximum (Colas Bouygues Group) and Yellow Window design.
Available now!


The Rudder: solid intellectual property unique and exclusively supported by VIAMOUV, in France and internationally (INPI - PCT patents).

An experienced team and know-how at the service of The Rudder: marketing, recommendation on specific locations and installation themes, cartographic and illustrative design, monitoring of deployments.
Sharing common values of eco-responsible and innovative support for mobility, VIAMOUV collaborates with AXIMUM and YELLOW WINDOW for the designated and industrialized version of The Rudder.
Available from the end of 2022 but already avaible for order with personalised support of VIAMOUV.
The Rudder
The rudder : principle and new design 2022
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